Empowering You to Plan
for Your Future

At Pesce Law Office, we understand that estate planning can seem overwhelming and be a daunting task to complete, so we strive to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. We have adopted a collaborative and compassionate approach to our work, and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, empathy, and mutual understanding. 

With a focus on simplicity, clarity, and exceptional client service, we aim to help our clients take control of their future.

Meet Jessica

Jessica Pesce, Esq.

As the founder and principal attorney at Pesce Law Office, it is my mission to help as many people and families in my community find joy in their incredible lives. I believe that comprehensive estate planning is a crucial component of achieving your life goals. 

Estate planning may feel like a daunting task; after all, we’re talking about things we don’t want to even think about. With my client-centric systems, our office makes it simple for you, your family, and your loved ones to complete your estate plan and rest easy knowing your documents are in place. We take a collaborative approach, prioritizing your unique needs and circumstances when developing your plans.

It is not just about having a will or a trust in place; estate planning is about building strong relationships and creating a plan that reflects your values and priorities.  

Meet Maizie

Maizie Pesce, Office Mascot

Families come in all sizes, and Maizie is no exception. She is our official office mascot, and the friendliest rescue. Jessica  and her husband welcomed this bundle of fluff into their home in 2019, and she’s been a beloved member of their family ever since. Maizie loves attention, and is always ready to provide a warm welcome and much-needed cuddles.

In addition to her very important duties as office mascot, Maizie also makes regular appearances on phone calls and video meetings to offer a soothing snoring symphony.  In fact, her comforting snores have become a familiar and cherished soundtrack to many virtual meetings.

When she’s not working diligently at the office, Maizie enjoys going for walks, chasing squirrels, and snuggling up with her family. She is a true asset to the Pesce Law Office team and a beloved companion to everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her.